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10 Proven Ways To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

10 Proven ways to speed up your hiring process

Time can be your worst enemy when trying to save resources and find a high-quality candidate. The more you spend on promoting, interviewing, and selecting talents, the more process becomes frustrating and expensive. 

Hence, the goal is to identify the most compatible job applicant efficiently and onboard them smoothly. Otherwise, they might change their mind and opt for another job offer. 

Thus, the hiring process speed is critical for a great candidate experience, and 63 percent of job seekers would reject a job if they had a negative one. But how do you accelerate your recruitment without losing quality?

10 Top-notch Ways To Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

1. Consider Hiring A Recruitment Specialist

Sometimes you won’t have time for a thorough yet quick hiring process, and it’s then when you should consider working with someone who can do this for you. Recruitment specialists know efficient strategies and have an array of contacts that can help you accelerate recruitment. 

2. Be Selective Concerning Job Boards

Avoid posting on every available job board because you’ll have many underqualified job applications that’ll take your time. Think about choosing niche platforms specialized for helping you find compatible talents. 

3. Convey The Right Message In Job Ads

Many companies attract incompatible candidates because their job ads don’t speak to their target audience. Ensure you appeal to the right profile of job applicants and convey a message that’s easy to understand. 

4. Leverage Technology

Whenever possible, use tech to speed up your hiring process and reduce the number of manual tasks. Consider resume parsers, recruitment software, and screening platforms that will increase recruitment efficiency and help you identify compatible candidates quickly. 

5. Use Social Media

Be present on social media your target audience uses and advertise your job openings. Allow your followers to apply directly from social networks instead of re-directing them to career sites. 

6. Ensure Smooth Communication

Each team member should know their task and contribution to a great candidate experience. Maintain regular communication with your candidates and keep them updated about the status of their job applications. 

7. Try Pre-screening

Weed out underqualified candidates before the interview stage by introducing online skill assessments and psychometric tests. 

8. Interview The Most Compatible Candidates Only

Avoid interviewing every candidate that might seem like a good choice. Be sure that a job applicant would be a great fit and schedule interviews only with those who meet the required criteria. 

9. Consider Flexible Video Interviews

Job applicants won’t always be available on the date you suggest. Because of that, consider using video technologies that allow you to set flexible online interviews with pre-recorded questions.

10. Leverage Internal Hiring

Ideal candidates have sometimes been in front of you all along, but you overlooked their potential and the possibility to upskill them. 

The speed of the hiring process can often be the crucial factor in a great candidate experience and recruiting the most compatible talent. Hence, make the most of available technology and leverage strategies that will accelerate recruitment.

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