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5 Ways To Structure Your CV That Will Get You Noticed

5 ways to Structure your CV that will get noticed

A resume is the most efficient weapon when looking for a job, and 68 percent of candidates find work within 90 days due to a professionally crafted CV. But most job seekers know this is their opportunity to stand out and grab the attention of a hiring manager. 

So, how do you create a resume that will enthrall the recruiter in 30 seconds? The goal is to structure it well and show you put a lot of effort into crafting your job application. 

Here are the top 5 ways to structure your CV and land your dream job. 

How To Structure Your Resume

1. Strong Introduction

Choose a captivating way to introduce yourself and summarize your professional highlights. Avoid starting with achievements and experiences, and instead, mention the critical information (e.g., contact details).

The essential thing is to adjust the introduction to each employer and check whether everything aligns with your desired job position.

2. Mention Results Instead Of Responsibilities

Previous work experiences are the meat of your resume and should motivate a hiring manager to contact you. However, most candidates list their previous tasks and responsibilities without emphasizing their achievements and results.

If you want to structure your CV right, use numbers and data to explain how you helped a company reach positive outcomes and ensure what you write is measurable.

3. Make Place For Education

Even though many job applicants place their education at the bottom of a resume, leverage the achievements and knowledge you gained in university. Mention what you learned, extracurricular activities, and courses or training relevant to the position.

4. Declutter The Skills Section

Abilities help recruiters determine whether a candidate has the required capacities for a particular job role. However, keep this section simple and only mention skills you can use in the job you’re applying for and leverage them to increase efficiency. 

Use bullet points when mentioning your capabilities, as that will leave the impression of a decluttered and neat resume structure. 

5. Use Power Words For Achievements

Never lie about your accomplishments, but always use powerful words that will boost the impact on a recruiter. These are typically action verbs, such as improved instead of responsible or collaborated instead of worked with someone. 

This section should demonstrate your ability to deliver stellar results and entice a hiring manager to envision you as the ideal candidate. 

It can be challenging to structure your CV, but that’s your shot at landing a job role and triggering a recruiter to consider you as a potential employee. Because of that, be meticulous, proofread everything, be honest, and focus on the great results you achieved instead of on responsibilities you had. 

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